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Latest Efforts: Request for Part II Order

Heritage Speed River Working Group Files Part II order for the Niska Road Municipal Class C Environmental Assessment  to  the  Hon. Glen Murray Minister of the Environment and Climate Change
See the attached Part II Request, and a Dec. 3, 2015 letter from the GRCA to the City of Guelph.  Feel free to distribute the information.  

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History of the Speed River Valley Lands and Niska Road

Want to Know More About the History of the Speed River Valley Lands and Niska Road?

We have a compiled a history of the Hanlon Creek Watershed and our Niska Road Speed River Cultural Heritage Landscape. For more information, please also see our updated brochure here.

The Former GRCA Kortright Waterfowl Park lands have a rich and interesting history. Dr. Hugh Whiteley presented a slide show to the Board of the Grand River Conservation Authority on May 22, 2015 that outlined the relationship of the GRCA lands as an integral part of the Hanlon Creek Conservation Area.

Dorothy Griggs and Laura Murr, members of our group, presented a brief history of the former Kortight Waterfowl Park and our area and why we value and want to preserve this beautiful area of Guelph for future generations.

We have posted their May 22, 2015 PowerPoint Presentations:

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Dr. Dorothy Griggs - Board Presentation - GRCA - May 22, 2015
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Laura Murr - Board Presentation - GRCA - May 22, 2015
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