You must have your say!

Please send the City your comments!

Please let the City know you want them to repair the one lane bridge or replace with only a one lane bridge. You must have your say!

To send your comments, visit the Niska Road Improvements page on the City of Guelph web site. Scroll down to ‘Current opportunities for comment’ and select the choice for more information. Click the ‘Online Comments Form’ to complete the survey.

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First Public Information Centre for the Niska Road Improvements Municipal Class Environmental Assessment – Held on Thursday, November 27, 2014

Niska Road Improvements from the City Limits at the Speed River to the Downey Road Intersection

The City of Guelph has announced that the first Public Information Centre for the Niska Road Improvements Municipal Class Environmental Assessment – Niska Road Improvements from the City Limits at the Speed River to the Downey Road Intersection, will take place on:

Thursday, November 27
5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Kortright Presbyterian Church
55 Devere Drive, Guelph

See the City of Guelph announcement: Niska Road Class EA Public Information Centre, November 27, 2014.


Looking West to the Speed River From Niska Road and Ptarmigan.

The preliminary preferred solutions being put forward by the EA study team are: reconstruct road and replace existing Bailey bridge with a New Two-Lane bridge.

We hope that you will attend the meeting and provide comments and questions to the study team.

The entire cultural heritage landscape we want to protect lies within the study area for this environmental assessment process.

You should be aware that we have attempted, without success, to get Heritage Guelph, the City’s advisory committee on heritage matters to recommend protection of the Heritage Speed River viewshed which includes both the Bailey Bridge and the entire valleyland view from The Ptarmigan and Niska Road intersection.

The next steps in the EA process after this first PIC will be the design stage. We believe that there are many questions that still need to be asked before an option is chosen and a design is selected.

If you plan to attend the Open House or fill in the comment sheet on line you may want to consider asking some or all of the following questions:

Below is a sampling of questions you may want to ask, or download a PDF file: Questions for PIC:

  1. The Niska Road Bailey Bridge spans the Heritage Speed River. It is part the beautiful heritage landscape which includes the view of the river looking west down Niska Road from Ptarmigan Drive.
  2. We currently have 13 seconds at peak traffic times to exit our driveways and streets onto Niska. How will we get out of our driveways and adjacent streets safely?
  3. Won’t more traffic make the situation even more unsafe?
  4. What is the reason the cultural heritage landscape was not evaluated before the preferred option was selected?
  5. Won’t widening Niska from Ptarmigan Drive to the Speed River destroy the trees in the hedgerows, the forest edge and cause more road kill?
  6. Will Niska Road be re-graded from Downey to the Speed River?  Won’t this destroy the scenic beauty of the road and area?
  7. Niska Road divides lands owned by the GRCA. Rather than widen the road for sidewalks and bike lanes can these be built off road on GRCA lands?
  8. How much more traffic can we expect if the GRCA decides to sell their 8 hectares on the south side of Niska for residential development which could  include 6 stories or more apartment buildings?
  9. There is a company in the USA that makes bailey bridges and has parts. Could the Bailey bridge be rehabilitated and paired with a small pedestrian bailey bridge similar in design?
  10. How are you going to safely separate pedestrians and bikes from bridge traffic?
  11. On the Puslinch side of the bridge, will there be bikes lanes and pedestrian sidewalks?
  12. Niska Road is a listed as a Collector Road. Isn’t the purpose of a collector to move traffic from local streets to an arterial road? Why would the city encourage regional traffic thru a stable neighbourhood?
  13. The regional traffic originates or ends at Whitelaw and Wellington 124 – what is the reason this area left out of your study area?
  14. What assurance do we have that the city of Guelph will put in traffic calming? It has been promised in the past… Is there money proposed in the 2015 budget for traffic calming on Niska?
  15. In 1977 the Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) purchased the 116 acres on the north and south side of Niska owned by the Kortright Waterfowl Park. The lands were supposed to be used for nature viewing and enjoyment. More traffic will impact our enjoyment. How much noise and air pollution will widening the road cause?

For more information, please go to our website: or email us at:

See pictures of our beautiful heritage viewshed: Protect The Speed River Heritage Valley Lands.

You can’t imagine what might happen without your support…


One thought on “You must have your say!

  1. Vince Hanson

    Please attend on Nov 27 from 5:00 to 7:00 at Knox Presbyterian Church 55 Devere Drive, Guelph. Rather than a two lane bridge, What we want is:
    1. To close the bridge for all except pedestrian and cyclist traffic – which is one of the alternatives; or, .
    2. To keep the roadway and Bailey Bridge with one lane of traffic in each direction in harmony with the urban/rural interface – another alternative; and,
    3. Use the single lane refurbished, enhanced or re-engineered original Bailey bridge structure to act as a strategic traffic calming structure that maintains the original historical nature of the bridge and roadway; and,
    4. Build sidewalks and cycle paths along the roadway or on GRCA land in a way that retains the cultural heritage of the area and is environmentally sensitive to the forest, the wildlife and the environment.
    If you have any questions, please direct them to Vince Hanson or Laura Murr at

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