River Systems Advisory Committee (RSAC), Nov 15th 4-6pm

The RSAC will meet Wednesday, November 15th from  4-6 pm at City Hall.  Ken VanderWal (Project Engineer for City of Guelph) will be presenting the design option for Niska Road reconstruction and bridge to the committee.
The agenda which includes the designs and further studies can be found here:  https://guelph.ca/wp-content/uploads/RSAC_Agenda_11152017.pdf
Please attend if possible.
Further studies, after the Environmental Assessment was sent  to the MOECC for approval, found more wildlife species of concern and a federally endangered bat species.  See attached letter to RSAC for more details.
The city has indicated that there will be some type of Public Information Session (PIC)  in December.  We will be holding our own meeting in advance of the PIC.
Dr Hugh Whiteley will be appearing as a delegation to the RSAC meeting. His delegation will address the fact that no Heritage Impact Study has been completed for the identified cultural heritage landscape.  This study was to be completed BEFORE any design work for the road an apparent violation of the MOECC Ministers direction to the City of Guelph.
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