It’s About Cultural Heritage, too

Guelph Mercury – November 17th, 2015: Heritage group pulls its support from Guelph’s controversial plan to replace Niska Road bridge

it is important to emphasize that the 8 hectares currently under OMB appeal contain more than green space because they are part of the overall cultural heritage landscape that extends from the Ptarmigan Drive on both sides of Niska Road. All of these lands including the Bailey Bridge meet the requirements for designation under the Ontario Heritage Act. A Heritage Impact Assessment was supposed to be completed before the Niska Road Environmental assessment was completed and released for public comment in 2016. This never happened (an apparent violation of the EA Act) and to date as far as we are aware the Heritage Impact Assessment is still not complete. It is normal planning procedure to recognize the heritage features valued by the community and to identify these important features before you make a decision on removing a Heritage bridge and widening a road that will change the heritage landscape forever!

What is the city waiting for?

When will the public have access to view the document when it is completed?

How does the re-designation from Open Space to medium density apartments affect the cultural Heritage Landscape and our beautiful view of the Speed River Valley Lands?

This is why the local branch and provincial branches of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario have supported our protection of the Heritage Speed River Valley Lands.

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