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Good News!

September 30, 2013

Here’s a note direct from the City that I would like to pass along to you…

Environmental Assessment is a Schedule C!

We have confirmed with our consulting engineers, Burnside, to elevate the current project to a Schedule C Environmental Assessment and to extend the project limits to Downey Road.

Working Task Group:

In addition to the EA public consultation, we will be inviting members of the public to participate in a community working group. We envision that this working group will participate in discussions regarding all aspects of this project including the natural environment, community safety, community heritage, transportation and traffic, fiscal responsibility, impacts and mitigation measures of alternative solutions and design concepts.

The final details on this working group have yet to be confirmed but we expect to provide this information in the upcoming notice and letter.

Next Public Meetings

As far as future EA public meetings, the dates and details of these public meetings will be advertised and posted in the meeting and event calendar at and meeting notices will also be circulated. At this time, we do not foresee holding another public meeting until after the working group has been established.

Currently, we are targeting the week of Oct 14 for distribution of notices  and letters and Oct 17 / Oct 24 for formal advertisement in the local media.

Our Path Forward

We are preparing a letter to the City of Guelph via (as we have been requested to do) Brad Hamilton,  P.Eng. Project Engineer, City of Guelph and the consultants  R. J. Burnside through Leonard Rach,  P.Eng. We will also be sending e mail copies to the Mayor, City Council and a number of other individuals. It will be signed from a small group of volunteers who are keen to work directly with  the City and its consultant as partners seeking a Win-Win solution for the Neighbourhood and the City.

The topic headings will include:

Our Mission, Vision, Values and (Expected) Results

Areas of Major Interest

  1. Evaluation and Protection of the Cultural and Historical Heritage of the Niska Road Bailey Bridge and its Surrounding Area
  2. Environmental Concerns and Issues
  3. Safety and Liability Concerns and Issues
  4. Well-Being, Peace and Tranquility of the Neighbourhood
  5. The Path Forward
  6. Next Steps

Our Next Steps

Please reply to this post by visiting our website strong> and leaving a comment or respond to me directly

We are always looking for volunteers, so if you are interested please let me or anyone listed below know that as well.

Thank you. Vince Hanson, working in partnership with Laura Murr, Sandy Nicholls and Sheila Hynes.

Please visit our web site to voice your thoughts, concerns, opinions or to leave information.

Thank you.